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Forest Management

Why manage your forest?

Forests are consistently changing, but because trees are long-lived and slow-growing, we often only see a brief snapshot in time of a particular forest. It is only when the change is abrupt or the lapse in time since our last visit is long that we understand how dynamic forests truly are. Forests are under consistent “disturbance”, from insects, disease, weather, invasives, wildlife damage, and forest fires. Sustainable forest management is the only tool we have to counter these disturbances while at the same time improving forest health, providing a supply of renewable wood products, and enhancing habitat and recreation opportunities.

Forest Management

About Us

River Valley Foresters, LLC is a natural resource consulting company serving both the public and private sectors in Northern Lower Michigan. Owner Chris Nieman has been involved in the forest industry for over 20 years. He has held a variety of positions in the field of forestry, including forestry technician with the Routt National Forest, service forester with Roscommon-Crawford Conservation District, several years working as a procurement forester, and over 10 years working as a consulting forester.

River Valley Foresters is committed to providing landowners with sound management advice for their woodlands. Whether you are planting trees, have a tree health problem, have invasive species, want to sell your timber, or want to know what kinds of trees are in your woods and what their value may be, we are the people to call.

River Valley Foresters provides a number of forest management services:

  • Forest Stewardship/Management plans
  • Tax incentive programs including Qualified Forest Program and Certified Forest Program
  • Forest Cover Type Mapping
  • Wildlife Management
  • Forest Condition Reports
  • Forest Certification
  • GIS/GPS Mapping
  • Harvest Plan Development
  • Investment Analysis
  • Recreation Planning/Development
  • Timber Inventory
  • Site preparation and Tree planting
  • Timber Sale Preparation and Administration
  • Expert Witness Testimony in Timber Theft and Damage Claims

Forest Management Plans

For each management plan, we meet you on-site and get an understanding of your concerns, objectives, and goals.

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Forest Management Plans

For each management plan, meet you at your property and get an understanding of your concerns, objectives, and goals.


Timber Management

There are multiple types of timber harvests. We will guide you through the harvest process and prescribe the harvest that suits your goals.

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How you manage your forest will impact the wildlife on your property. We will work with your goals to improve habitat and improve the forest.

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Save on your Taxes

Reduce your recreational property taxes by enrolling in the Qualified Forest Program. We will assist you in enrollment and plan development.